Temptation Island

Temptation Island

People ask me:

What if you stranded on a desert island, and all there was to eat were animals, would you eat them?

There’s this Dutch TV show called Temptation Island which goes like this: 4 couples try to maintain their relationship while they’re separated for 10 days and seduced by 10 seducers of the opposite sex. There’s a lot of drama and funny bits, but in the end it’s mostly very sad. This show got me thinking about temptation and the things we are tempted by and I would like to share my views with you.

There’s a blank space between the meat you buy at the supermarket and cook up for dinner and the cute baby cows and piglets you see on the Internet. Why? There’s a reason slaughterhouses aren’t located in city centers, but rather in a rural setting. There’s a reason trucks full of animals on their way to the slaughterhouse mostly drive at night. The system has tried very hard to make people oblivious about what needs to happen for us to actually consume meat or dairy. Of course, we know what needs to happen, but we would rather not think about it. We want to close our eyes for the violent part of the process. We want to eat and enjoy without the guilt. Because there is guilt. Knowingly contributing to a system that causes pain, physical and mental suffering and death upon innocent sentient beings makes us feel guilty. So we’ve come up with multiple excuses. “we need protein”, “they can’t think or feel like we can”, “our ancestors used to eat meat, so…”. We say we’re not like animals. That our intelligence surpasses theirs. That we’ve established societies, a legal system, invented cool stuff, made art, created myths, religion and can tell what’s right and wrong. Tell me, why then, while we know that eating meat isn’t necessary to be healthy, while we know it is contributing to the destruction of our earth, while we know animals are breeded just to be slaughtered, almost always confined into small cages, are caused distress during their lives and are often even tortured, why do we, smart, righteous, honest and loving people contribute to this?

Is it because you were raised this way? You don’t know what you should eat otherwise? You start to drool when you think about ice cream, cheese and meat? Is it because of our instinct? When you know you really want to do something out of desire, like cheat on your partner, what makes you not do it? Common sense? Your conscience?  Your brain limits you, puts a brake on your bodily longing. We are strong enough to resist, if we really want. But that’s the real issue, right? If we really want.

Exactly like the contestants of temptation island we are tempted every day by smells, commercials, restaurants, magazines, … to cheat our mind, body and conscience. We can choose the easy way and give into temptation or we can place mind over matter and choose the way that inflicts no pain, that makes us just like the individuals we would like to be.

So let me ask you:

What if you lived in civilization where there is an abundance of food of all kinds, would you choose to kill animals for no reason?

Something to think about



P.S.: you can always ask me questions about going vegan or vegetarian ❤


6 Quick Breakfast Ideas

6 Quick Breakfast Ideas

The Belgian “days without meat” is a campaign urging people to eat less meat because of the environmental impact meat production has on our earth. The rules are: there are no rules. You should just try to diminsh your meat intake during those days. The more advanced or motivated participants can also opt for a zero waste challenge, a vegan challenge or to choose for more season based fruits and vegetables. I can only encourage everyone who wants to participate and therefore I decided to post a long overdue article about breakfast ideas.

Breakfast, the most important meal of the day. It might sound cliché, but I think it’s so true. I never skip breakfast. I’m a morning person and one reason I am is because I get excited for breakfast when I wake up. Breakfast is also important to fuel your body and brain to get you through the morning with concentration and stamina.

1)           Waffles

Yes, number one is a fancy one. Maybe to impress someone who slept over or just to treat yo self. I follow my friend Sofie Senden’s recipe for these, head over to her blog Basimella or Youtube channel to make them yourself!


You can find the recipe in Dutch here :

You can find the recipe in English here :

2)           Overnight oats

Even though I love food SO MUCH, sometimes I wake up too late and I need to get ready so fast, I don’t have the time to fix me a proper breakfast. Back when I studied in Madrid I had class from 8:30-12:30 on Tuesdays and Wednesdays so I had to leave the apartment around 7:45 to get to class in time. I like to sit down for breakfast, while reading or watching something, so that was no option those days. Overnight oats were perfect for those long mornings, especially when the temperatures started to rise very early in the day.

Get a mason jar or some empty jar and throw in oats. You can also layer ingredients so it looks good too. I like to combine oats, cut up banana and strawberries (in layers) and some chocolate flavoured plant-based milk. You can throw in some chia seeds for extra energy and vitamins! Then, refrigerate it all night and wake up for some soft, creamy, cold oats. I made a big jar, so it lasted me until 11 a.m. or something. It’s easy because you can eat it on the go, or sneaky, during class. It stayed cool for a good amount of time, so try it out!

3)           Vegan pancakes

These are obviously not when you need to rush in the morning, this could be your Saturday or Sunday breakfast. Not that they take superlong to make but I feel like you need to sit down and enjoy these. Plus you’ll have more dishes to do than with a smoothie or overnight oats, but don’t worry, they’re totally worth it.

(Makes 3 small, thick pancakes)

Combine in a bowl : 1 cup of flour, tsp baking powder, some sweetener (some scrapings of the inside of a vanilla bean or vanilla sugar/maple syrup/agave), a flax egg (2tbsp of ground flax seeds and 2 tbsp of water mixed and then put it in the fridge for 5-10 minutes, then add it to the mixture), rice milk (or other plant-based milk) i don’t know the exact measure, you should see for yourself but the dough shouldn’t be too runny.

4)           Smoothie or juice

If you want to take a super healthy start, this is your breakfast. By combining fruits and veggies in the morning, you already have a ton of vitamins in. Berries have antioxidants in them, spinach iron and protein, .. and green smoothies don’t have to be disgusting. If you put the right combination of sweet fruit and leafy greens, you won’t even taste the vegetables.

One of my favorites is this recipe of my friend Sofie (yes, the waffles were hers as well, she’s brilliant) which combines frozen pineapple, frozen mango, spinach, freshly squeezed orange juice, a spoon of wheat grass (optional).


5)           Scrambled tofu or Breakfast burrito

You’re already missing your eggs? You want a big and filling breakfast with lots of protein? Or you’ve got a major hangover and you’re looking for a cure? Well here it is. This breakfast is inspired by some Youtube videos, since this is not a typical Belgian breakfast. But hey, experiment a bit, I’m sure this will leave you satisfied until noon:

  1. Crumble up some medium-firm tofu and put it in a pan on medium heat
  2. Add the veggies you have cut up before: tomato, mushrooms, red bell pepper, spinach, …
  3. Add spices: cumin (for health benefits and that yellow look), pepper and salt, paprika, any other spice you like.

If your “eggs” are too dry and you like it more moist just add some water right after crumbling the tofu and adding the spices. To make a burrito just wrap it into a wrap, maybe add some lettuce and fresh tomatoes. You could also add beans, rice, or whatever. Go crazy, go loco.

6) Cooked or microwaved oats

Certainly my go-to breakfast this winter, when it’s cold and you don’t want to get out of bed. Cooked (or even faster: microwaved) oatmeal is the best for these autumn and winter mornings. It’s quick and it will surely give you a warm feeling inside.

Microwave : Grab a bowl and pour in some oatmeal, cut up an apple or banana into cubes and add that to the bowl as well. Sprinkle some cinnamon on top, add plantbased milk (cover the oats with milk, so they won’t be dry) stir, (add agave or maple syrup if you want extra sweetness like me) and pop them into the microwave for 2 minutes.

You could also make this in a cooking pot which would facilitate making breakfast for multiple persons all-in one. I guess by cooking it you can add milk and never risk oatmeal that’s too dry. Of course you can add raisins, nuts, seeds, other fruit into the mixture.Writing this makes me hungry :p

So there you have it! Six delicious breakfast ideas to kickstart your day.

Go follow Sofie Senden for more delicious meal ideas or for some tricks to go vegan grocery shopping. Also, I’m open to suggestions for more blog post ideas. If you make any of these brekkies please tag me on IG and let me know if you liked it.



One year vegan: What did I learn?

One year vegan: What did I learn?

It’s been a while, but I’m back now. I find maintaining a blog difficult because I’m constantly battling with my own thoughts and feelings. I’m a people pleaser you see, and I don’t want to annoy anyone with my writing. On the other hand, I’m very passionate about veganism and inspiring people to do the right thing, to share a message of kindness. I don’t want to write uninteresting posts and I don’t want to upset people. I’ve been binge watching some Ted talks and I guess I should do what I think is most important. People will judge whatever you do, so I should just share my thoughts without overthinking them too much in advance.

On the first of November the world celebrated the international day of veganism. The 12th of October marked my one year veganniversary and it seemed appropriate to write out what I’ve learned during the past year. Hopefully some of you will be encouraged by these words to also take the leap into plant-based eating and/or living.

First of all, I didn’t start with veganism to lose weight. Although it would be beneficial for some people to eat more fruits and vegetables (which would cause them to lose weight or lower their cholesterol), losing weight is certainly no guarantee from eating plant-based. I can assure you I did not lose my appetite going vegan, I still enjoy burgers, pizza, French fries, cake and tiramisu, only this time without animal products. I made sure I didn’t lose any weight, eating enough of a variety of food. The times I did work out (not much lol) I found I noticed the changes in my body quite fast.

My year of vegan food did not lead to any loss of nutrients. By eating a varied diet I made sure I got enough protein, iron, magnesium and other vitamins. I had my blood checked a year after transitioning into a vegan lifestyle and I did not suffer any deficits, everything was perfectly okay. I only supplemented with vitamin b12, which is a vitamin cattle are supplemented with as well, by the way! I learned a lot about the human body and, more specifically, my own body. I started hydrating more and by now I really notice the difference on days I forgot to drink. I also get the feeling I don’t get sick as often as before. I learned that the human body’s digestive system, biologically seen, is not made to digest meat. My digestion is now better than ever. Yay!

I noticed that family and real friends are interested and worried about you becoming a vegan. They worry you’ll suffer deficits and they wonder why you decided to change your diet so drastically. Even though sometimes it might seem that they’re attacking you and you’re defending yourself all the time, it is important to actually know why this change is so important for you. You have to educate yourself on the matter. What drives you to live this way? Why is dairy bad for you? Which foods are sources of protein, zinc, omega 3, magnesium, calcium, iron? Not only is it important to keep yourself healthy, it is also a good way to demonstrate that veganism can be incredibly healthy if done right. I’ve noticed the media picking up on the vegan trend, both defending it, in relation to climate change, health and animal rights, and opposing it, by writing about parents whose vegan children suffer malnutrition and lose their children to child’s services. This is why it is important to do your research people. When you know the benefits of a vegan lifestyle you’ll be able to explain them to anyone with questions.

Going vegan does not mean you’ll lose the opportunity to go out with friends and family. You’ll find that restaurants have vegan options or that you can easily adjust a dish to your likings. For Christmas I cook my own meal and maybe bring some extra to share. I don’t turn down any party because of a food-related issue, so don’t worry about the social aspect of it!

For some, the concept of veganism is hard to grasp. Besides some people not caring about animals or their impact on the environment, some people don’t know what food can be categorized as non-animal product. Some people will be in awe when you tell them you can still have potatoes.

Not every vegan I know went vegan “cold turkey”. (no pun intended) I went vegan overnight but plenty of vegans I know were first vegetarian and then slowly turned to veganism. Others left out red meat and dairy and later stopped with chicken and eggs. Don’t be scared to try it for yourself, every step towards a world with less violence counts and should be encouraged.

Veganism is growing! Since I’ve gone vegan some people in my direct environment and other people, who are friends of friends, have gone vegetarian or vegan. Some asked me to show them sources or documentaries, others had different ways of switching up their eating habits. I noticed the impact one person can have on another. Say 5 people go vegan because of my posts and encouragements and those 5 people, in turn, all change the perspectives of a few more people. I think that’s really important to notice. Since some people say they won’t give up ‘their’ pleasure of taste because their contribution or refusal of contributing won’t change a thing.

I guess by turning vegan I really learned more things about myself. I learned that this way of living is perfectly aligned with my personality. I learned that saving the planet, along with animals, one step at a time is something I’m very passionate about. I learned that I have some real deep connections with people who think and feel likewise. I learned that I’m not weak, since I have the courage to stand for what I believe in, even though for now this way of living still gets criticized often. I learned that I will not be silent, because this is not only about the animals and ourselves but about future generations as well. I don’t want to be the generation that could’ve done something but was too lazy or too accustomed to certain habits to change. Veganism gives me something to believe in, something to feel optimistic about. You may say that I’m a dreamer, but I’m not the only one.

Thanks for coming by and please ask me questions if you have any!



How to get and stay motivated?

How to get and stay motivated?

Last post was about the diet part of getting back on track, this one’s about getting your sweat on! I gathered some pointers to get and keep you going.

Bargain with yourself

Just like in pre-school we need some kind of reward after doing something that took some effort. In kindergarten this were stickers, lollipops or watching TV but as a grown up you can still treat yourself. Just make sure you don’t go overboard, only pat yourself on the back when you really deserved it.


You can only watch an episode of your series if you’ve done some exercise earlier that day.

You can only buy new gym shoes, sports bras when you go to the gym/running/… x times a week.

Find out what works for you

Pick a sport that you like and will commit to. You can get a gym membership, sign up for some yoga or dance classes or make your workout free by running outside and doing bodyweight exercises.

Also, this won’t be a walk in the park. In the beginning you won’t look forward to working out and even when you get the hang of it, there will be days you don’t feel like it. But you have to come out of your comfort zone. Stop making excuses. Now is your time. You will never be any younger than now. There’s always time for a quick workout in your busy day or week. It’s all about prioritizing. Next time you want to say “I don’t have time”, try saying “I don’t feel like it” and it will feel very different. If you want to look and feel better you have to work on it. Put yourself first.

Search for role models

Fill your Facebook or Instagram feed with inspiring people both food wise as exercise wise. Make sure you use these examples in the right way. We don’t want you to get an eating disorder or body issues. Look up to the way they use their time wisely. Look up to their healthy choices. Know this is still social media. People can edit their pictures or make their lives appear a dream, while in reality things could be a little different. Search for positive messages full of self-love, commitment and encouragement.

Make a plan and stick to it

Whether it’s “I’m going to run 3 times a week for half an hour” or “I’ll do 2 times a week cardio and three times a week strength training” or maybe you’ll follow BBG, Insanity, write it in your weekly planner. You can also link this with a certain goal, say, I wanna lose x kg/pounds before New Year’s. Don’t overdo it, make it realistic. If it’s not realistic you will give up quicker or injure yourself.

Don’t be embarrassed about where you’re coming from

I’m training to run 5k ; so .. Everyone has to start somewhere. In the gym there will be skinny people trying to get some muscles, overweight people trying to lose weight, people who might have too many muscles to your preference but they all at least have a plan or a vision. It’s always better to try to improve yourself than to stay in bed or on the couch the whole evening/day.

Make a motivational wall/vision board

Do I need to explain this one?


Find a workout buddy

You won’t cancel as quick because you don’t want to let your buddy down. You’re in this together, you encourage and motivate each other to improve yourself. You don’t compare yourself or compete but you work together towards the same goals.


Now you’ve read all this, plan and actually make it happen! Afterwards you can treat yourself with this delicious stir-fry that will get your metabolism going. Some red bell peper would go great with this recipe as well, but I just used whatever I found in the fridge.


You’ll need:



Red chili pepper

Piece of ginger

Clove of garlic

Snap beans

Broccoli florets


Quinoa (or other grain of preference)

2 tbs sesame oil

2 tbs soy sauce



Boil a pot with water, once it’s boiling add some quinoa (which you’ve previously rinsed). Cook for 12-15 minutes. Grate or spiralize some of the carrot and the zucchini. Cut up the rest of the vegetables. Leave the snap beans whole. Combine ginger, garlic and chili peper and cook in a pan with oil. Add the amount of chili pepper you’d like. After a few minutes, add the other vegetables. Once cooked, add your quinoa to the frying pan. Combine sesame oil and soy sauce and add it to your stir-fry. Mix it, cook for 3 more minutes and serve in a bowl. Enjoy!

Until next week,



What’s in my pantry?

What’s in my pantry?

Ah, new beginnings! I decided to write my blog in English to reach more people and later I will translate my older posts to English. Further, I’d like to comment shortly on the past summer, but actually the past year in general. I just think I’ve been through a year of growth and change. You won’t hear me saying I know everything now and that I’m done learning, but I sure did learn a lot about myself and my support system. For now, I’ll just say briefly that after what seems like a never ending storm, the sun has risen again. I feel more confident and I’ve gathered new hope and insights that will help me to enjoy the now. In a month or so, I’ll post a more elaborate post on the things I have learned the past year. For now, I’d like to share my optimism with you guys, this time through a health-related post.

If you’re like me, you would like to be healthy but you’re always tempted or there’s always an excuse. That’s why I decided to start a ‘Back-on-track series’ on my blog for some weeks. I will be sharing recipes and tricks to get motivated together! With the new school year just around the corner and all the excitement to see old friends again also comes the sense of goodbye to the summer and a hello to new beginnings. I don’t know about you, but I did not practice any sports during summer and although I eat plantbased, I indulged in desserts, nachos and soda. I’m not saying I’m fat, I still weigh the same I weighed before summer, I just lost muscle and gained some fat. We can all have a fresh start together and combine good eating habits with a little bit of exercise. Are you with me? Sometimes it can be hard to combine healthy cooking and busy schedules. I tend to go out eating or order in when I have a busy day/night and pick the greasy options. I figured maybe there’s other people struggling with healthy eating as well, so I assembled a list of my go-to groceries for you guys. The trick is to have healthy ingredients on hand at all times, this way you won’t be so tempted to turn to fastfood. Feel free to take this list to the grocery store:


– rice

– potatoes

– quinoa

– couscous

– (red kidney) beans (in tomato sauce)

– chickpeas

– lentils

– herbs and spices

– tomato sauce/diced tomato cubes/peeled tomatoes in a can/jar

– corn (frozen or canned)

– raisins, dates

– nuts

– oatmeal

– chia seeds

– spaghetti/pasta/noodles

– tortilla wraps

– coconut milk

– other dairy-free milk like almond milk


For veggies you can think about what would work best for you. Either frozen vegetables, fresh ones or vegetables in jars or cans. They all have their pros and cons. Go and buy your fruit weekly. I drink tap water and I rarely buy juice or soda, that way I can’t be tempted. Same thing for sweets or salty, oily snacks.

The first step to be and stay healthy is to be prepared. Make sure you got all the ingredients to make yummy meals. In my next posts I’ll share some recipes to get you inspired, but for now: prepare for success. Good luck!


Love, Stephi

Summer snacking

Summer snacking

Hallo allemaal

Na alle stress, examens, afscheid nemen in Madrid, iedereen terugzien in België en een hele hoop chillen ben ik weer aan het schrijven gegaan.Vandaag staan er een hele hoop lekkere snacks op het menu, om je duimen en vingers bij af te likken, om je hongertje te stillen, en om je te bewijzen dat vegan heel makkelijk en lekker kan zijn.

De eerste, makkelijkste snack is fruit: in blokjes, in balletjes, in een fruitsla, op sate stokjes, of 1 soort fruit per keer, fruit is een guilt-free en cruelty-free hapje voor tussendoor. Mijn favorieten voor de zomer zijn ananas, (water)meloen, mango en passievrucht. Bevroren druiven zijn al even aan het trenden op het internet, dus dat ga ik binnenkort, als het eindelijk wat warmer wordt uittesten.


Over bevroren gesproken, ik kan niet zwijgen over banana icecream. Het is nog steeds 1 van mijn favorieten en ik heb in Madrid zo lang zonder moeten doen. Zorg dat je bananen goed rijp zijn (lees: spotty) en snij ze in centjes of grotere stukken (dat ligt aan de kwaliteit van je foodprocessor of blender) en vries ze in. Combineer daarna met een zoetstof zoals agave- of maplesiroop als het niet zoet genoeg kan voor je, en voeg cacao poeder of blauwe bevroren besjes, of eender welk ander soort fruit toe. Blend, beleg met chiazaadjes, speculoosjes, of nootjes, neem een foto voor Instagram of Snapchat en geniet.

Geroosterd brood of toastjes, check de ingrediënten om te kijken of je brood vegan is. Besmeren of beleggen kan met – confituur en pindakaas, vegan kaas, vegan worst, hummus, guacamole of avocado en tomaat, vegan paté en groentjes, zelfgemaakte pesto (zonder kaas dan), zongedroogde tomaatjes, olijfjes, tapenades, blend een koude tomaat in de blender en smeer dat op een warm toastje met olijfolie of basilicum en waan je in Spanje.


Koekjes mogen natuurlijk niet ontbreken , de basic Oreos zijn vegan. Er zit geen melk in ookal lijkt dat op de verpakking niet zo. Of probeer dit jummie jummie receptje van mijn vriendin Hanna Vandale:

13639919_10210185682343224_1788125629_oRecipe : 180gr brown sugar – 100gr plantbased milk – 100gr peanutbutter – 200gr flour – 2,5gr baking soda – 80gr vegan chocolate

Of maak Cinnamon Rolls, ik heb ze even geleden mogen proeven van andere friendo Jill Schoefs, jummie


Zoek deze girls op om eens te zien wat veganisten zoal eten, ik heb al lang geen deftige maaltijd meer gepost, maar zij lijken echte keukenprinsesjes ten opzichte van mij!

Omdat het zomer is kunnen we niet genoeg ijsjes hebben! Zet een paar waterijsjesvormen klaar, maak een lekkere smoothie en vries die enkele uren, of een nachtje, in. Je kan ook gewoon kokosnootwater combineren met aardbei-stukjes, blauwe bessen en framboosjes. Ze zullen in ieder geval lekker verfrissend zijn én veel gezonder dan die je in de winkel koopt.

Smoothies op zich zijn altijd een goed plan. Ik hou van de mango-passievrucht combo en ik voeg vaak wat spinazie toe. Omdat de smoothie zo zoet is proef je dat toch niet en krijg je extra groentjes binnen. Win!

Kikkererwten in de oven. Neem een blik kikkererwten en spoel ze grondig af. Kikkererwten horen bij de bonen-familie en hebben veel proteïnen in zich. De vloeistof die in het blik zit kan voor een opgeblazen gevoel zorgen, daarom is het belangrijk goed te spoelen. Daarna droog je ze af, besprenkel je ze met wat citroensap of olie (beiden zorgen ervoor dat de kruiden blijven hangen. En kruid je ze naar keuze. Ik hou erg van lookpoeder en cayennepeper. 15-20 minuutjes in de oven op 180-200 graden en dan af en toe eens checken. Een gezonde variant op crack-a-nut misschien? Probeer ’t zelf!

Zoete aardappel chips. ZO LEKKER! Snijd de zoete aardappel in chipsjes of frietjes en ze kunnen zo op bakpapier de oven in. 200 graden of meer, het ligt aan de dikte van je chipsjes of frietjes hoe lang het zal duren eer ze gaar zijn. Je kan ze met olie insmeren en ook kruiden, maar ik eet ze ’t liefst zoals ze zijn.

Banaan opgerold in een wrap met pindakaas

Pannenkoekjes banaan en havermout + beetje plantaardige melk?

Dadelballetjes. Deze lekkernijtjes kun je laten smaken naar Ferrero Rocher of Bounty met bijvoorbeeld een recept als dit: http://skinnyms.com/chocolate-coconut-almond-balls-recipe/

Enjoy ! ❤




Click here for weightloss

Click here for weightloss

Net zoals veel vrouwen volg ik Flair, Elle, … op Facebook. Regelmatig posten zij allerlei ‘interessante’ (lees: ik ben doelloos op Facebook aan ’t scrollen en dan kom ik dat tegen) artikels of tests zoals: 7 wetenschappelijke redenen om elke dag seks te hebben, Dit is waarom Selena Gomez haar haren niet wast, Bye bye buikvet: zo raak je het kwijt. Nu, ik ben iemand die zo’n artikels leest als tijdverdrijf, voor de lol, maar vaak sta ik toch versteld als ik sommige tips lees. Er zijn mensen die geloven wat in die tijdschriften verschijnt of die zo obsessief bezig zijn met afvallen dat ze alle tips als een religie opvolgen. En Houston, we’re gonna have a problem!

Er is een nieuw populair dieet en het VTM-nieuws vond het nodig om het concept met heel Vlaanderen te delen. Het 5:2 dieet promoot twee dagen vasten waarbij je 500 kcal. per dag mag eten en vijf dagen normaal eten, zonder regels. Ik wil maar zeggen dat het niet alleen ‘in de boekskes’ komt.

Wat zegt Flair?


Wat zegt Stephi?

Nee, ik heb geen voeding- en dieetkunde gestudeerd, maar ik betwijfel of die schrijfsters van dit soort artikels dat wel hebben gedaan. Ik deel alleen mijn ervaringen na ongeveer 8 maanden voornamelijk witte rijst, aardappelen, pasta, fruit en groenten te eten, ongelimiteerd. Ik eet altijd tot wanneer ik me verzadigd voel, ik denk nooit ‘nee dat kan ik nu niet meer eten want ik heb al te veel gegeten vandaag’. Ik eet een hele ananas als ontbijt, of een meloen en een paar andere stukken fruit. Soms eet ik ’s morgens havermout en ’s middags én ’s avonds rijst, quinoa of aardappelen. En ik heb, denk ik, geen zwembandje. Ondanks al die koolhydraten en suikers! En nee, ’t is ook niet dat ik uren naar de fitness ga, daar heb ik geen tijd voor. En ja, ik heb foodbaby’s na bijna elke maaltijd, maar omdat ik vezelrijk eet en veel water drink, verteer ik ook véél sneller dan een omnivoor en is dat al snel weer opgelost.

Oké, maar ik had ook niet echt kilo’s die ik persé kwijt moest voordat ik veganistisch werd. En, in dit artikel gaat het wel degelijk over buikvet. Het internet staat vol voor en na foto’s van allerlei diëten maar als je logisch nadenkt weet je zelf ook wat het beste is voor je lichaam. Je moet jezelf niet uithongeren, je moet je lichaam met gezonde dingen voeden, een beetje bewegen elke dag en dan verdwijnt dat buikje na verloop van tijd vanzelf. Op het internet en in boeken vind je vaak “snelle methodes” maar snel afvallen is nooit goed want het vet zal altijd nadien terugkomen. Je lichaam weet ook niet wat er aan de hand is als je plots van veel en alles eten overstapt naar weinig en maar bepaalde dingen eten. Het zal hardnekkig aan vet vasthouden voor mogelijke periodes van “schaarste”. Als je echt per sé dat kleine maatje wilt hebben is het verstandiger om heel het jaar door gezond te eten en af en toe eens te zondigen.


Wat zegt de wetenschap?

Op voedingscentrum.nl vond ik deze info :

Ons lichaam werken op basis van glucose. Het lichaam heeft koolhydraten nodig als energiebron. Hersenen kunnen zelfs niet zonder glucose, een soort koolhydraat. De gezondheidsraad adviseert dat wie gezond wil eten, 40 tot 70% van zijn energie uit koolhydraten haalt. Koolhydraten leveren per gram 4 kilocalorieën. Dat is minder dan vet (9 kilocalorieën) en evenveel als eiwit.

Deze koolhydraatrijke producten staan in de  Schijf van Vijf en hebben positieve effecten, zoals het verlagen van het risico op hart- en vaatziekten:

  • Volkoren brood en graanproducten
  • Fruit
  • Peulvruchten
  • Groente

Het lichaam kan maar weinig glucose opslaan. Daarom worden de koolhydraten uit het eten en drinken vooral verbrand. Als je veel koolhydraten eet en als je daarnaast meer calorieën binnenkrijgt dan je verbruikt, haalt het lichaam vooral energie uit koolhydraten en slaat het lichaam vooral het vet uit de voeding op. Te veel calorieën, of dit nou uit koolhydraten, vetten, of eiwitten komt, leidt altijd tot een toename in lichaamsvet. Iemand met normale eetgewoontes krijgt net zoveel calorieën binnen als hij verbruikt. Dit heet een stabiele energiebalans.

(voor wie het volledig wil lezen : http://www.voedingscentrum.nl/encyclopedie/koolhydraten.aspx )

Ik weet dat ik niet verplicht ben die artikels te lezen  en zo irritatie kan vermijden maar het zorgwekkende aan die artikels vind ik dat mensen die misschien op ’t randje staan van een eetstoornis  net die richting worden ingeduwd. Maar 500 kcal eten op een hele dag is ongezond. Kiezen voor vlees in plaats van aardappelen is de ongezonde keuze, want in vlees zit slechte cholesterol , vlees wordt gelinkt aan kanker en hart- en vaatziekten. Proteïnen hoeven echt niet van vlees- of melkproducten te komen.

Ondanks dat veel mensen ons misschien als doetjes bezien, vind ik het leuke aan veganisme dat je net tegen de stroom ingaat. Je doet je eigen onderzoek, trekt je eigen conclusies, experimenteert zelf met welk eten je het beste doet voelen en presteren. En de regels van “eet niet te veel fruit” en “stay away from carbs”? Die lappen we gewoon aan onze laars!

Basically wil ik gewoon zeggen, vergeet alles wat ze je verteld hebben. (Vergeet niet dat veel van die tijdschriften, onderzoeken en programma’s vaak gesponsord zijn door de overheid of direct door de vlees- en zuivelindustrie) Geniet van simpel, lekker en plantaardig eten en eet je buikje rond maar beweeg ook af en toe! Je energie en humeur zullen beter zijn en je lichaam zal je dankbaar zijn.